D.20 maj kommer LustSickPuppy (US) til Danmark for første gang, for at dele sit kaotiske univers med os.


Det er lyden af et rave fra helvede, en rå energi fortolket gennem industriel hip-hop, punk, drum n bass mm., der smelter sammen i et energisk live-show du nok aldrig kommer til at glemme.


Venue: Porten Vridsløse // Værkstedet

Døre: 20

Show: 21


Born and raised in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, LustSickPuppy is a curator of chaos, invoking spirits through shared ritual.

Blending elements of punk, gabber, drum b bass and rap, they deliver warped melodies over hyperactive beats at breakneck speed. Equal parts glitter and blood, their shows are raw and unpredictable, a live rave liturgy taking audiences by the leash while offering the ride of a lifetime.

Following their debut EP Cosmic Brownie and a collaboration with Machine Girl’s Matthew Stephenson, 2022 saw LustSickPuppy releasing their sophomore EP As Hard As You Can, featuring collaborations with Bonnie Baxter of Kill Alters and Andy Morin of Death Grips.

„The smiley face paint represents me existing as a black queer person having to smile my way through this fucked up world. It’s the idea that if you can’t see past this face, you will never be able to connect with me deeply.”