Karaoke Night hos Slowburn

Slowburn og NYN slår døren op for endnu en festlig og musikalsk aften i Slowburns bar med kolde fadøl og skønsang fra karaoke anlægget.

Slowburn Brewing Co-op


After the most excellent party we had at the inaugural Karaoke Dokey we had to do it again and as soon as possible!

So we invite you back to the Taproom for another evening of daring duets and diva-tastic demonstrations.

We are happy to be collaborating with the Karaoke sensation NYN again; who will bring their primo pop-up equipment, host the evening and give us the chance to channel our inner Britney.

The bar opens at 15:00 and karaoke starts at 18:00.

No need to book, just drop in with your friends!

This is not a closed event, so of course you can come to the bar even though you aren't planning on singing. 

Download the Singa app on your phone and see what tunes are available to choose from and be prepared for a fun night!